Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blag Network

The Blag Network is a bunch of blogs that are all friendly with each other. Relatives, you might say. At the moment, there are five. Let's meet them.

A 'specialist blog' by any definition, "Pictures of Theo" oves its very existence to the Cosby Show, and a certain iconic picture of Theo Huxtable in a moment of deep thought. This blog simply takes that picture and mutilates it or sticks it in odd places. Over and over and over again.

"Google Trends" and "Google Insights" are two very similar sites that dedicate themselves to overanalysis of the world's Google usage. Believing that there is no end to the amount of pointless conclusions you can draw from useless statistics, this blog digs in the mud of both of these sites.

Google has blown Babelfish and other machine-translation sites away with "Google Translate", which can quite effectively translate between 800 different languages. It keeps the weirdness that comes from machine translation to a minimum, unless of course you subject a piece of text to repeated translation across a variety of languages. This blog takes the lyrics to famous songs, turns them into nonsense via endless translation, and asks you to guess the originals.

Like the previous blog inspired by "Google Translate", this is a poetry blog. Of sorts. It makes poetry from Google Translate. More specifically, it takes classic of literature, subjects them to Google Translated garbling, takes the resultant chop suey and cuts-and-pastes it into poetryesque form. It may not be poetry, but Blag Network's no poet...


Just like it says on the box. A blog that considers things, people and places with noteworthy names. Where 'noteworthy' can mean 'because awesome' or can mean 'because infuriating'. Often we can't be sure ourselves which is which...

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